5 Best Wilson Tennis Racquets

Tennis is a sport anyone can play, whether for fun or for sport, which is why we thought it important to put together a list of the 5 best Wilson tennis racquets. After all, what fun will the game be if you spend all your time trying to play with a sub par racquet? Get your game on and win the match using one of these 5 best Wilson tennis racquets:

  1. The Wilson [K] One Performance Racquet. If you are looking to improve your game, this is one of the best Wilson tennis racquets to use. It is light and sturdy, but the frame is extremely light and easy to handle.

  2. The Wilson Khamsin 5 BLX. Complete with a proven Triad system, this racquet offers extreme power to pass the ball nice and hard to your opponent. You won’t have to sacrifice feel and comfort to get the performance you want in this model.

  3. The Wilson Surge BLX. The Surge is on our list of the 5 best Wilson tennis racquets because of its delicate feel combined with extremely tough frame which makes it capable of delivering explosive passes.

  4. The Wilson Pro Tour BLX. This is one of the best Wilson tennis racquets for those who already know how to deliver power using their own bodies, but who need a racquet to produce greater control of that power. Fast swings and exaggerated strokes work well with this model.

  5. The Wilson Tidal Wave BLX. And last but not least on our list of the 5 best Wilson tennis racquets is the Tidal Wave model. Complete with basalt fiber technology, this racquet blends power and control perfectly so players of all levels can find success while using it.

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