5 Best Wine Pairings With Lamb

This article will help you find the five best wine pairings with lamb.  We can't be in the kitchen with you helping you cook, but with these tips you will be able to pick the best wine pairings for any lamb dish.

  1. Lamb Chops.  A peppery Merlot is the best wine to serve with well seasoned lamb chops.  When you're drinking a Merlot, make sure to open the bottle of wine and let it breathe for at least ten minutes to an hour prior to serving.
  2. Lamb Stew.  A Pinor Noir provides a hearty flavor to balances the complex flavors in a lamb stew.  To really blend the flavors, pour some of the same wine into the stew while it cooks.
  3. Lamb Roast.  A rose Champagne is the best wine to serve when you're having a lamb roast.  The lightness of the bubbles in the Champagne complement the variety of flavors in the roast and accompanying veggies.
  4. Lamb Kabobs.  Depending on what veggies are in your kabobs, and what else you're serving, pick your wine to match.  A fruity Bourgueil provides the best compliment to the fun flavors in a lamb kabob.
  5.  Leg of Lamb.  This classic holiday dish compliments a Malbec wine.  The medium body of a Malbec blends nicely with the texture of  a leg of lamb.

No matter which wine you pick, remember to serve it in the type of glass designed for that type of wine.  For Champagne, that means using tall flutes to maintain the bubbles.  For red wines, that means serving them in glasses with a wider mouth, and not pouring beyond the halfway point of the glass when filling them.



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