5 Best Wine Pairings With Pork

Pork is as versatile as turkey when it comes to wine pairings and the five best wine pairings with pork include both red and white wines. Unlike beef or lamb, all pork has a subtle sweetness and lightness that pairs best with light to medium-bodied wines that are fruity and underlined with soft tannins. The following are the five best wine pairings with pork.

  1. Pork chops. The buttery, fruity flavors of chardonnay will go well with simple pork chops, grilled or broiled. Chardonnay, as with other white wines, should be served at around 50 degrees with pork.
  2. Pork Tenderloin.  Pinot noir, a dry red wine with a cherry essence, makes a wonderful accompaniment to the versatile pork tenderloin. Pork tenderloin can be roasted,  grilled  or stir fried. Pinot noir, and other red wines, are best served at around 60 degrees with pork.
  3. Roast pork. The soft, plummy quality of merlot makes an excellent pairing with grilled or roasted pork of any kind. Merlot is easy drinking and is largest selling red wine in the United States.
  4. Barbequed pork spareribs. Riesling, a very fruity white wine works well with exotic and spicy pork dishes such as spareribs. Rieslings can be dry and almost sweet. The fruitier rieslings work best with heavily glazed ribs.
  5. Baked ham. Beaujolais, a light, fruity red wine that can be served slightly chilled,  goes well with the sweet flavors of a baked ham and sweet potatoes. Beaujolais nouveau is especially popular at Thanksgiving when served with turkey and ham.



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