5 Best Winona Ryder Movies

Winona Ryder is back, but none of her recent films can be seen on this list of the five best Winona Ryder movies. After years of personal problems, including an embarrassing shoplifting scandal, the '90s darling made a minor comeback, most recently as Spock's mother in the latest "Star Trek" film and before that, in the indie film "Sex and Death 101." But none of these performances compare to Winona's early work.

  1. "Edward Scissorhands." Topping the list of best Winona Ryder movies is the Tim Burton classic, "Edward Scissorhands". In the film, Ryder played Kim, a girl from a colorful Burton-esque suburban town who befriended and then fell in love with a gentle boy with scissors for hands. The modern day fairytale is a tender and tragic love story between Winona and then-boyfriend, Johnny Depp.
  2. "The Age of Innocence." The second best Winona Ryder movie is also her second period drama (following on the heels of "Bram Stoker's Dracula"). In this film,Winona graduated from a really good teen actress to an outright movie star. She played May, the sweet young woman trying desperately to cling on to her fiancé (Daniel Day Lewis) who was falling in love with her Countess divorcee cousin (Michelle Pfeiffer). Ryder was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar and won a Golden Globe for her performance.
  3. "Beetle Juice." Although she had been in "Lucas" with Corey Haim and Charlie Sheen by the time she made "Beetle Juice", Winona made her first big splash playing the ghost-obsessed, goth girl in the next of the five best Winona Ryder movies. Winona's character, Lydia, was the only one in the Deezt home that saw the spirits of the former residents, befriended them, and helped to scare off her Yuppie parents. "Beetle Juice" put her on Hollywood's radar and began a string of disturbed adolescent films for Winona.
  4. "Heathers." "Heathers" further solidified Ryder's place as the teen queen of dark comedy, earning the film a place on the list of best Winona Ryder movies. Winona played Veronica, a member of Westerberg High's cool girl clique, whose boyfriend (Christian Slater) went on a killing spree in this commentary about high school popularity and teen suicide. The film has became a cult classsic and made Winona a full-fledged star.
  5. "Little Women." The last film on the list of best Winona Ryder movies garnered Ryder her second Oscar nomination. In the adaptation of the Louisa May Alcott classic, Winona played Jo March who acted as the head of the household while her father was off fighting in the Civil War. She was credited with carrying the film, which also starred Claire Danes, Kirsten Dunst, and Christian Bale.


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