5 Best Winter Cocktails

Choosing the five best winter cocktails is a tough one. There are so many out there that it’s practically impossible. Here’s a few ways to narrow it down and pick the best winter cocktail for you. If it’s winter and it’s cold, try something warm. Winter is full of holidays and themes so try something festive that fits your mood. Time to stay at home and sit by the fire place and try something warm and smooth.

  1. Anything with Kahlua Kahlua is versatile and very popular, and the flavor of coffee generally tends to make people think warm and cozy making it one of the best winter cocktails. Kahlua Hot Chocolate and Kahlua Coffee are obvious winter cocktails to try out, or if you want something a little harder try Kahlua Cognac. B-55 and Colorado Mudslides are a popular Kahlua concoctions.  *If you don’t like Kahlua, Baileys is another liqueur that's great to use for winter cocktails.
  2.  Irish Kiss A combination of Bailey's and Kahlua, hot coffee and topped with whipped cream, this cocktail sounds like something made for the winter season and is a must try winter cocktail.  *There is another version of the cocktail Irish Kiss. Irish mist herbal liqueur in a shot glass and a splash of green crème de menthe for a quick down is also a good winter cocktail.
  3. Hot Toddy Not only is it a great cocktail – with tea, honey, and brandy shots with a slice of lemon, it’s often cited as great for colds. Though that might just be the brandy talkin’. A classic winter cocktail and easily one of the best.
  4. Irish Coffee Never count out the traditional Irish Coffee. Simple and to the point, whiskey, sugar, and coffee with crème on top, the Irish Coffee cocktail is a winter cocktail classic that is still going strong.
  5. Peppermint Suzi Some say it tastes like a Girl Scout Thin Mint and with its peppermint flavor it’s perfect for the winter holidays. Tullamore Dew, crème de menthe, chocolate syrup, espresso coffee, steamed milk, and topped with whipped cream and crème de menthe may sound like a lot for a winter cocktail but they are well worth the trouble.
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