5 Best Wire Rim Glass Frames

Looking for the 5 best wire-rim glasses frames? A popular style of sunglasses frame is the aviator style. Aviators currently are the best wire-rim glasses frames and make any face totally cool and protected from beautiful, sunny weather. Check out these sunglasses if you're looking for stylish, wire-rim frames.

  1. Oakley Crosshair. The Oakley Crosshair is a "classic meets contemporary" wire-rim glasses frame. The Crosshair gives you the all-over coolness look. These Oakleys are the traditional aviator design with a modern-day lens shape, keeping true to the Oakley style. The frames are a lightweight C-5 alloy metal, making them comfortable to wear. You can get Oakley Crosshair with corrective lenses if you need them.
  2. Ray Ban Aviators. Ray Ban Aviators are a classic wire-rim glasses frame. This is where the aviator style began. In 1937, Ray Ban Aviators were created for fighter pilots, and now everybody want to wear them. This just proves Ray Ban Aviators will always be in and stand the test of time. This everlasting look includes tear drop-shaped lenses that are polarized. If you wear these, you will fit in and never have to worry about getting another pair of sunglasses.
  3. Armani Exchange Square Midsize Shield. Looking for sleek and sophisticated wire-rim glasses frames? Then Armani Exchange Square Midsize Shields are for you. These sunglasses have a sleek silhouette and are a perfect size and shape to make you sophisticated and look high class. Armani Exchange Square Midsize Shields have a metal wire rim and logo placed on the front center of the shield. As you walk the street, not only will you be protected from the sun, but people will think you are totally high class and want to be you.
  4. Fossil Polarized Aviator, Dallas. There are Fossil's newest wire-rim glasses frames. Since Fossil is known for great accessories, of course it has amazing sunglasses. The Polarized Aviator is the newest to join the group. These aviators are more circular in shape and are amazing for the square-shaped face. They come in your choice of black or gold frame color.
  5. Tommy Bahama Kona Kraze Navigator. Tommy Bahama Kona Kraze Navigators have polycarbonate lenses and are the most comfortable, lightweight metal wire-rim frames. The fact that Kona Kraze Navigators are made with polycarbonate means you don’t have to worry about the times you might drop them or sit on them. This is a great stress reliever. The comfortable and lightweight metal wire rim glass frames are so light and comfy that you will feel you are not really wearing glasses on your face.
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