5 Best Woman-On-Top Sex Positions

If you’re looking to spice things up, why not put her in the driver’s seat with one for the 5 best woman-on-top sex positions? Not only are woman-on-top positions pleasurable for both parties, but it comes with the added bonus of less work for you. Your partner won`t complain because most women-on-top positions are great for hitting her G-spot. If you and your partner vary a lot in height these positions are also great for not letting that get in the way of the fun. So enjoy the view and let her go for a ride.

  1. Reverse Cowgirl – This is exactly like the "Woman-on-Top" position (See #5) except the woman is in reverse. While not as intimate since you can't look at your partner, many women find this position easier to let lose in because they become less self-conscious. This usually means a lot more fun for you and the added bonus of  a great view of your partners butt. It is also a position that makes it easier to hit a woman's G-spot.
  2. Backup Boogie – Start by laying on your back with a pillow under your head. Have your woman straddle you with her head facing your feat, while on her knees like she is in the doggie style position. Then have her back up so that your penis enters her. The woman can use the bed for leverage or hold on to your legs. This leaves you free grip her upper thighs. This position allows you more control than other positions.
  3. Thigh Master – This is another variation on the standard Woman on Top position (See #5). It gives the woman a little move leverage, which makes it easier for her to experiment with different movements. Start out like the Woman on Top position but bend one knee. Have her  straddle your body sideways, allowing you to enter her with her legs around your leg that has the bent knee. She can then use your leg for support and leverage.
  4. Joystick Joyride – This position is very similar to the Woman on Top position (See #5). You lay on your back on the bed or floor but with your arms relaxed above your head. Your woman straddles the you but slides her legs out straight so that her feet our even with your shoulders. The woman then starts swiveling her hips, using the floor or holding on to your shins for leverage. This position gives the woman full control during sex, leaving you free to relax and enjoy
  5. Woman on Top – This is a rather standard position that is enjoyable for both partners. You lay down on the bed on your back with your legs out in front. Your woman straddles you with her legs on either side of your body and penetrate her. This position allows the woman to control the pacing.


Note: Some women might complain that women on top sexual positions are painful. This usually happens if the man is overly large. If this is the case don’t get discouraged but take it as a compliment. To help with discomfort, use your favorite lubricant. Also she's in control and help herself out by limiting the penetration without taking away any or your pleasure.

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