5 Best Wood Foot Massagers

The 5 best Wood foot massager’s hands down or feet down have to be one of the five listed here. If you need something that will relax, renew and strengthen those tired aching feet well you don’t have to look no farther. By the way did you know that getting a really good foot massage can relax and invigorate the entire body? Makes you want to run out and get a wooden foot massager.

  1.  Earth Therapeutics footsie foot massager is a compact massager. This one is small enough to fit right inside your purse or pocket. You can slide it right under your foot unnoticed. It’s small, but it gets the job done by soothing those tired aching feet. Adding just enough pressure to make your feet feel revitalize.
  2. The Happy Company 00364 foot & body roller with massaging fingers is great! The rubber massaging fingers are very relaxing, they energizes those tender feet. This massager can be used with your favorite massage oil to make the massaging experience more intense.
  3. Teak Wood Foot Massager is a handmade foot massager. It can fit perfectly under your desk. Just slip your shoes off and relax those tired feet on this stimulating foot massager, to help to relieve the stress and tension of a long day. It’s even small enough to store in a draw, but I have a feeling it will remain out.
  4. Soothera Wooden Spindle Foot Massager works wonders. It penetrates deep to reach the pressure points in your aching feet and heels. It also helps to regenerate the body.
  5. Urban Spa Unisex Foot Rollergives your feet the overall massage it needs. It helps to stimulate the blood circulation in the feet and that’s very important if you are a diabetic. The wooden balls move individually to target more than one sore spot on the foot.

The feet are a very important asset  they get us where we want to go. So they should be treated with care and a wooden foot massager will give them the spa treatment they deserve.

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