5 Best Wood Lacrosse Sticks

The 5 best wood lacrosse sticks are basically long rackets used to handle the ball in the game of lacrosse. They're often made of hickory, and achieve their shape by steam bending. A loose net is woven into the head of the lacrosse stick to allow players to cradle the ball, and throw it at other players. Most modern lacrosse sticks are made of plastic, and are the usual choice for players because of the tendency of wood shafts to splinter and crack. However, when crafted properly of hickory, or oak, these 5 best wood lacrosse sticks can withstand tremendous amounts of stress.

  1. Hickory wood lacrosse sticks are one of the 5 best wood lacrosse sticks primarily because of their amazing impact strength. They have a substantial feel while still being flexible. Hickory has great shock resistance, and is the traditional choice for wood lacrosse sticks.
  2. White Ash lacrosse sticks are extraordinarily sturdy. This one of the 5 best wood lacrosse sticks has great strength relative to its weight. It's lighter than the hickory wood lacrosse sticks by about three ounces.
  3. Maple wood shafts are one of the 5 best wood lacrosse sticks primarily because they are lighter and easier to manipulate than the white ash shafts. Maple still retains the same strength as white ash, or even several aluminum sticks.
  4. Bamboo being one of the 5 best wood lacrosse sticks should not be surprising considering its tremendous flexibility and strength. The wood fibers of bamboo mainly cover the surface of the shaft. These fibers are extremely strong while still being shock resistant and light.
  5. Red Oak provides the lacrosse player with a lighter weight wood. It's considered one of the 5 best wood lacrosse sticks because although very light,  the wood is still quite strong. It has medium bending capability. Red oak is stiff, durable and provides crushing strength.
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