5 Best Wooden Fishing Reels

The 5 best wooden fishing reels are antiques and classics that time has left behind. However, just because they are old does not mean that they cannot be used for fishing anymore. You just have to handle them with care and with make sure that you don't overpower them. Other than that, they're still good to go.

  1. Large Antique Wooden Fishing Reel. This is the best wooden fishing reel because it is a real acquired taste for old-school fishing enthusiasts. Featuring adjustment screws and a brass winder, this wooden fishing reel performs one of two functions. One, while it is a classic, it can still be used for fishing today! Just imagine the surprise of fellow anglers when you take this out of your tackle box and fish with it! Two, you can be a real collector in your approach to this antique wooden reel. As such, this makes a wonderful addition to any wooden fishing reel collection.
  2. Vintage Timber Wooden Fishing Hand Reel Cedar. With this wooden fishing reel, you get the attractive quality of age along with a reel that is still very much in useful condition for its age. Featuring beautiful craftsmanship, this wooden fishing reel is five inches in diameter and seventeen inches in length, meaning that it will be a substantial size in your adventures in angling and fishing. For a true classic angling experience, this is a reliable choice.
  3. Wooden Handturned Hand Reel. If you appreciate a fine and classic handreel, then this beautiful item that is crafted out of timber is just what you are searching for. Featuring a round design in contrast with the cedar hand reel from number two, this antique wooden reel is the perfect conversation piece in any fishing enthusiast's collection. In addition, since this piece is still in great and workable condition, it can still be used by attaching it to the appropriate fishing rod.
  4. Unmarked Wood/Brass Reel. Sometimes, a nice-looking and effective wooden fishing reel is also accompanied by fine brass hardware, as in this example, the fourth-best wooden reel on this list. At a diameter of just under five inches, this wooden fishing reel is the ideal size for fishing, so that it is not too unwieldy to hold, but still sturdy enough to do its job well. Since it's an antique, there is a small crack on it, but everything else is in great condition otherwise.
  5. Nottingham Style Wooden Reel. Not to be confused with the Sheriff of Nottingham from Robin Hood fame, this final wooden fishing reel on the list is smaller than the rest. Made in England, its diameter is only a little over two inches, which makes this reel a sort of oddity, yet this can work to the benefit of the avid collector, seeing as how unusual it is. Buyers who want to use it will still be able to, but they have to watch out for the handle, which sticks a bit if it is turned.
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