5 Best Wool Socks

Looking for the 5 best wool socks? Wool socks can add protection, warmth and comfort, but finding a highly rated wool sock does not have to be difficult. Some wool socks have the added luxury of silk, while others feature extra padding for protection. Here are the five best wool socks available on the market.

  1. Wigwam Merino/Silk Hiker Sock Wigwam's Merino Sock is comprised of 65 percent Merino wool, twenty percent nylon, ten percent silk and five percent spandex. This highly rated machine-washable sock combines the warmth of wool with the luxury of silk and a seamless toe closure. This product can be purchased in five different colors and up to a size fifteen.
  2. Smartwool Midweight Bottoms Smartwool Midweight Bottoms are a combination of 90 percent wool, eight percent nylon and two percent spandex. This wool sock comes in eight different color patterns and sizes available up to an extra large.
  3. Darn Tough Merino Wool Boot Sock Cushion This highly rated Merino wool boot sock has an added layer of cushion on the bottom of the foot for impact protection. This pre-shrunk sock also has a reinforced heel and toe for durability. This product is available in six trendy colors and a variety of sizes.
  4. Thorlo Wool/Silk Lt Hiker Crew Sock This product features a lower wool count of 31 percent with a mixture of twenty percent acrylic, eighteen percent polyester, fourteen percent nylon, twelve percent silk and five percent spandex. The heel of the sock is designed with an extra layer of lightweight padding. Four colors are offered.
  5. DeFeet Blaze Charcoal Wool Socks These socks are designed for hiking, running or cycling. The sock is fully cushioned for added protection and offers a no-slip cuff.



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