5 Best Working Dog Food Brands

The 5 best working dog food brands are meant to ensure that they will cater to the needs of your working dog, whether your working dog merely performs tasks or entertains or assists you in some way. So, whether your working dog is a rescue dog, a search dog, a therapy dog, a herding dog, a hunting dog, a sled dog or any other kind of working dog, these dog food brands will ensure that your working dog gets all the nutrients he needs.

  1. Newman's Own Organics Adult Dog Food Formula. This working dog food brand easily takes the number one spot because it is all organic, ensuring the health your working dog needs to continue its reliable service to you. Featuring barley, chicken, peas, oats, soybean, chicken liver, sea salt, kelp, brown rice and parsley–just to name some ingredients–Newman's Own Organics Adult Dog Food Formula will have Fido keeping his strength up for days on end.
  2. Harmony Farms Healthy & Holistic Adult Dog Food. Harmony Farms' working dog food brand offering features only naturally healthy ingredients, so there are no wheat, soy or corn products in the mix at all. It takes the second spot on account of its high-quality protein that your working dog will love and that is in each of their bags of dog food.
  3. Castor & Pollux Ultramix Canine Formula Dry Dog Food. Castor & Pollux has a working dog food mix that is livened up with a natural source for chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine. It deserves the number three spot because it will instill a sense of well-being and continued health in your beloved, working dog.
  4. Beneful Healthy Dry Dog Food. Beneful's Healthy Dry Dog Food targets your working dog's muscles, feeding them protein-rich nutrition and food that will strengthen your working dog's ever important muscles so it can continue performing the way you want it to. It also includes grain and rice for your working dog's energy boost.
  5. Wellness Super5Mix Dry Dog Food, Complete Health, Chicken Recipe, 30-pound Bag. Featuring well-rounded, natural nutrition and maximum nutrient absorption, Wellness' working dog food is formulated to ensure the complete health of your animal. It includes deboned chicken, barley and oatmeal, as just a sample of its ingredients.
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