5 Best Wrestling Computer Games

Want to know what the 5 best wrestling computer games are? Most wrestling fans die for these games and enjoy playing them. Of course, make sure your wife or significant other has given you your "to do" list prior to starting. If not, you might find yourself having a problem pulling away from the game system.

  1. "Wrestling Spirit" This computer wrestling game is said to combine awesome role playing and standard sports symmetry with plain old, down to earth entertainment. Wrestlers and wrestling federations are spread out engaging in turn-based system wrestling fights. There is one problem though, you might find yourself becoming a little spun when the bouts drag out longer than expected. Rated at 7.5 on a scale of zero to ten.
  2. "Total Extreme Wrestling 2004" Although wrestling newbies might find this one a little challenging, "Total Extreme" developer Adam Ryland felt he was filling the gap between sports and sports entertainment. Players can select to be a promotion owner or head bookie or for the extreme expert, the choice is a combination of both. Six world wrestling regions are represented in "Extreme."
  3. "The Wrestling Game" This game is more like a tutorial guiding you from one step to another before turning you lose to wet your whistle. While playing, the chat system is available for all users to communicate with each other. In addition, there is a private messaging system allowing two players to connect. Players can select from different classes of wrestling statuses such as Strength through Balanced. No matter which class is selected all wrestlers begin as rookies.
  4. "WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2011" Described as one of the most authentic, real action, entertaining games on the market. With dynamic creation tools, a super roster, franchise improvements along with some entertaining surprises, the game is on all fans wish list. Players can create, share and customize their own game experience. Improved graphics quality, new parts and player superstar creation, "WWE Smackdown" is coming back to the ring with a punch.
  5. "WWE All Stars" All fighters are larger, bolder and better in this new wrestling game version. The game delivers to your computer the same intensity demonstrated in the ring with fast and furious moves. This computer game features all your favorite wrestling stars such as The Rock, Andre the Giant, Triple H, The Dragon, Ricky, Macho Man and many more.
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