5 Best Wrist Guards For Snowboarding

Finding the 5 best wrist guards for snowboarding requires a little research and the time to try them on. Wrist guards for snowboarding can be cumbersome but very necessary. Depending on your needs, wrists guards can be a lifesaver for sore, weak or injured wrists. These 5 best wrist guards for snowboarding offer protection and comfort. Snowboarding wrist guards protect the rider against wrist injuries for spills and wipeouts. Wrist guards for snowboarders are normally sleek, flexible and provide breathability. The 5 best snowboarding wrist guards listed below offer these amenities and more.

The 5 best snowboarding wrist guards:

  1. Pro-Design Wrist Guards: are rated for snowboarding. It’s padded and impact smart construction are meant to keep the snowboarder comfortable and minimize impact trauma. The design spreads the impact across the area instead of having it localize to the actual impact point.
  2. The Triple Eight Undercover Snow Wrist Guard: is lightweight and easy to maneuver in. The construction is solid in the durable wrist guard and offers exceptional moisture management. Very solid wrist guard provided needed protection to the boarder’s wrists.
  3. EVS WB01 Wrist Brace and Guard: takes the protection to a new level. This hard guard keeps the wrist rigid and well protected. Perfect for someone recovering from an injury or really needs the added protection for confidence or safety reasons. Fits well under the snowboard’s gloves, but fit can be tight.
  4. SixSixOne Wrist Wrap Pro Wrist Brace and Guard: is a full hand skin-glove with a built in wrist guard. This wrist guard offers extreme wrist protection through reinforced construction. Very durable and long lasting complete snowboarding wrist guard offer the best in technology and construction.
  5. RED Impact Wrist Guards: uses torpedo splints across the front and back of the wrist guard to provide protection. Soft fiber material provides added comfort for the snowboarder, without compromising protection. Compact fit for easy over top snowboarding glove placement.
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