5 Best Wrist Watch Cameras

Yes they are available and since they are, it's just reasonable to provide details regarding the 5 best wrist watch cameras. We have always been told that "curiosity killed the cat." But as we all know, its just sound financial practice to check for the best buy before purchasing any product. With todays economy, only those with money to burn will plop down their hard earned dollars without comparing rags to riches. We all need to make sure we are investing our dollars wisely. 

  1. 640 x 480 Waterproof Sport Watch Digital Video Recorder with Motion Activated Hidden Camera (QW157). It's the very best and the camera is so well hidden, no one will know its there. This one is fashionable, can be dressed up or down, has a high sensitivity sound activation and goes into record mode immediately. It takes1600 x 1200 pixel photos, has 4GB of memory which provides plenty of storage space, its a watch, a camera, and a DVR all in one small package.
  2. 720HD 1280 x 720 Sport Watch Digital Video Recorder with 4GB Memory/Hidden Camera (TRA565). Not only can you record, take pictures and tell the date and time, you can also converse online with your favorite pen pals. What next you might be asking when you look at this gorgeous fashionable camera watch with numerous features loaded into one little package. The watch displays the date and time (minutes, hours, seconds), it has a voice recording function, 4GB memory, camera, PC web camera, plus numerous additional features.  
  3. High Definition Spy DVR Camera Watch with 8GB Built-In Memory (W-188) Hidden Camera. With the traditional watch appeal, look and style is what you get with this one. Yet traditional it is not. A woman wearing this can take a picture of her target in seconds. Using a lithium battery, it has 8GB of memory, an AVI video format, JPG picture with a Megapixel camera. This one is so powerful, it comes with a warning regarding prosecution if used for illegal purposes.  
  4. 4GB Waterproof Spy Watch Camera with Video Recording Photo Audio Alone Recording (YPY-372). This camera watch includes a webcam, recording video and audio capability, operates on Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista/98 without any additional drivers. JPEG photo format, AVI Video format, Internal memory and requires 2 hours charging time. 
  5. 640×480 Waterproof Stainless Steel Sport Watch Digital Video Recorder with 4G Memory/Hidden Camera (TRA561). For the man who loves a little James Bond excitement in his life, this one provides voice recordings along with video camera recordings. 4GB memory, time displayed in minutes, hours and seconds with the day and year, JPG image format, 1600×1200 image resolution, loaded English User Manual, USB cable for data transfer and it only weighs 126 grams.  
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