5 Best ‘X Files’ Episodes

The X-Files was a famous detective series, and these are the 5 best 'X Files' episodes. The Sci-Fi series had, as its major characters, agents Scully and Mulder, who were loved by the viewers. The X-Files was made into films too, but these did not garner as much popularity as the episodes.

  1. “The Post-Modern Prometheus” is among the best X-files episodes. In fact, it is considered by its audience as the best episode. It was aired in season five. It was different from all other episodes. Chris Carter was the director of this episode. He wrote the script of this episode and directed the episode. The episode was made in the form of a horror movie with omplete black and white cinematography. The story of this episode begins with Scully and Mulder visiting a town where they found a woman who said that she was impregnated by a monster. And the strange thing was, the monster looked exactly like the character of a comic book which her son made. The duo starts investigating and meets strange people, like the weird reporter and the mad scientist who created the monster. The ending is so great that it could easily have been the final episode of the series.
  2. “Paper Hearts” was among the best X-Files episodes of season four. This was a very haunting episode among all the X-Files episodes. The story starts with Mulder having a dream. The dream leads him to a grave where a girl is buried. The girl is actually the victim of John Lee Roche, who is a serial killer and a long time back was arrested by Mulder himself. After having these visions, he goes to confront John in the prison. There he gets to know that the girl that he saw in his vision is Samantha, whose body was not found after she got killed. Mulder follows John to the ending of Samantha and a confrontation takes place.
  3. “Triangle” is among the best X-Files episodes. This episode is a part of the sixth season. Chris Carter directed this episode as well. We know whenever he directs an episode it is always among the best. This particular episode gets its name from the Bermuda triangle. Mulder is seen as a passenger in a ship which is taken over by the Nazis. The regular characters play themselves as well as a character from the past. This is one of the very interesting X-files episodes indeed.
  4. “Synchrony” is one of the X-Files episodes which is not known for its plot but for the killer’s motives. This story follows Scully and Mulder to Boston, where they go to investigate a case in which a student claims that a man has predicted the death of his friend. As the story goes on, it is found out that this man is no one but the boy himself, who traveled from the future to kill himself and his friends. The main part of the episode is where the man tells them about a world where they do not have any history or hope. They travel to the past and try to change their past so that they may have a better present.
  5. “Small potatoes” is one the best X-Files episodes of the fourth season. This episode is one of the funniest of the X-Files episodes. In this episode, Scully and Mulder travel to a small town where a woman tells them that the father of her baby is an alien from another planet. But Scully and Mulder find out that the man is not an alien but a local resident who can change his body and take the shape of any other person. He traps Mulder and even nearly makes out with Scully. This was a hilarious episode in a way that it confused the audience.
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