5 Best Yoga Workout Videos

The best yoga workout videos offer a great workout combined with the toning and flexibility of yoga. If you are looking to burn calories, it is important to choose videos designed for this purpose and get your heart rate up as you perform the yoga routines. Many of these videos also offer multiple levels, so you can continue to change up your workout. The five best yoga workout videos are a great alternative or addition to your gym routine.

  1. "Crunch: Super SlimDown." An easy-to-follow workout that combines Pilates and yoga into a routine that emphasizes stretching and toning. "Crunch: Super SlimDown" features many core workouts for your abs and back you will want to incorporate into your regular fitness routine. This is a good introduction to both Pilates and yoga.
  2. "The Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga." Hosted by "The Biggest Loser" trainer Bob Harper, this workout video provides a solid workout that combines cardiovascular workout and strength training with challenging yoga moves. This yoga workout video features many ways to customize your workout. You can choose from pre-made sets or put together your own combination to best fit your needs.
  3. "Crunch: The Perfect Yoga Workout." Another Crunch video, this one is made up of two separate yoga workouts. "Fat Burning Yoga" focuses on toning and weight loss. "The Joy of Yoga" teaches yoga positions and includes a section of guided meditation. This is a good workout for someone who is looking for a good workout, but always wants to explore the spiritual side of a yoga practice.
  4. "MTV Power Yoga." A fast-paced aerobic workout combined with intermediate yoga. A good choice if you want a yoga workout that gets straight to the point and leads you quickly through a series of challenging moves. This is best for someone who already has some basic knowledge of yoga poses and is looking for a quick and effective workout. 
  5. "Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown ." You can count on "The Biggest Loser" trainer Jillian Michaels for a challenging, effective workout and her yoga workout is no exception. The two levels of difficulty each featured on the video are good cardiovascular workouts with plenty of strength and flexibility moves worked in. This is not traditional yoga, but it does burn calories and promise fast results.
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