5 Best Yoga Workouts Online

Sometimes you don’t have time to go to a yoga studio, so here are the best yoga workouts online.  Online yoga workouts allow you to practice at your own pace, without leaving the comfort of your own home.  Even though you're not at a studio, it is still important to wear comfortable clothing, use a yoga mat, and keep a towel and water bottle nearby.  Also, avoid eating a heavy meal before trying these yoga workouts, especially if you’re doing any poses that involve inversions.

  1. Bikramyoga.com.  Bikram yoga has a series of 26 postures, that’s usually done in a heated room.  On your own, it’s easy to follow the poses, without wondering what happens next.  When done properly, this should take about ninety minutes to complete the series.
  2. Myyogaonline.com.  This site provides a wealth of information about yoga workouts.  You can search for different styles of yoga and download a series of poses, or you can stream the video while you do the poses.
  3. Yogajournal.com.  The website that accompanies this popular yoga magazine provides detailed views of how to do various yoga workouts online.  This is a great site for beginners because the poses are explained in great detail with clear pictures
  4. Onlinebestyoga.com.  This site provides information on numerous styles of yoga.  It’s a great place to explore different workouts until you find a yoga workout that works best for you.
  5. Youtube.com.  Many yoga teachers have started putting videos online to draw students to their studios.  This is a great way to test drive a teacher without paying for a class.  Be warned – theses videos are not always of the highest quality, but they can provide variety to complement your regular workout.

No matter where you find yoga workouts online, make sure to stick with it.  The more you do the poses, the stronger you will be.

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