5 Best Youth Hockey Drills

The five best youth hockey drills are premier drills that teach and reinforce the basics. Youth hockey drills should concentrate on the basics. Youth hockey drills should target individual player needs in development and competitive edge. The youth hockey drills in the article do just that. This group of youth hockey drills is skill centric and made to develop skill and ability. Try these youth hockey drills in a succession format during your practice or training sessions. These five best youth hockey drills will fast become some of your favorites.

The five best youth hockey drills are:

  1. Skate and Stick: This drill is the most basic of all the drills but is vitally important. Learning to ice skate is one thing and learning to ice skate in a hockey environment is something different. Adding a stick to the process can be intimidating and cause balance and control issues. This drill is simply about skating from line to line with the hockey stick in hand and on ice.
  2. Pass Cross Line: Position players across ice from one another. Expand the distance as they become better at this drill. To begin, keep them fairly tightly knitted. The idea is to have the players pass the puck back and forth across ice. Forehand and backhand passes should be intermingled in the drill. Passes can be one touch or control. Base this on the need and level of the team.
  3. 2 v 1 from Center Line: This drill will work two attackers against on defender. The drill will work several areas for the attackers including passing, puck control, body management and shooting. For the defender, backwards skating and movement to cut off an attacker are the main areas of concentration. The goal here is to have the two attackers move the puck down ice with passing and leads. The defender is to maintain connection and explode in either direction to impede or halt the shot.
  4. Send and Pivot: This drill will teach your youth players how to send a puck behind the net and how to receive on the other end. Make two lines having one side send around the back of the net to an awaiting player. This player receives and pivots before taking a shot. Can be done with or without a goalie.
  5. Around the Cone and Through the Net: This fun drill works skating skill and speed as well as receiving and shooting. Players start from the centerline and skate quickly through preplaced cones on the ice. After clearing the last cone, the coach provides a pass for a one timer. You can mix this up by calling position to the shot and making players take laps for every cone moved or knocked over.
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