5 Best Youth Lacrosse Sticks

The 5 best youth lacrosse sticks are brought to you by some top performing companies. Lacrosse is a popular sport that offers much excitement for players and fans. Lacrosse is becoming widely accepted as a major player in youth and high school sports. The five lacrosse sticks offer the player a solid tool for defending or attacking.

  1. Harrow Hemi Cuda One-Piece Graphite Youth Lacrosse Stick A carbon graphite design molded as a single stick for great easy of care and use. The Hemi Cuda comes with tapered grip points and end stick bulb to maintain grip and control. Ultra lightweight for easy manageability and control, this is a great stick for youth play at an entry or intermediate level.
  2. Warrior Bullzeye X Complete Stick Designed for the attacker wit a low set basket for quick and hard deliveries. Composite graphite for the lightest stick carrying a refined net for reduced drag as well. Very lightweight and offers a wide mouth for greater control and ability to scoop. Wonderfully durable and stable stick is ideal for the aggressive player looking to score.
  3. Brine Money Complete Goalie Lacrosse Stick For the goalie, this stick is just what it says, money. Great grip structured with a wide mouth pocket and deep insides. Easy to control as it is lightweight and grip-fitted to keep the hand on the stick. Exceptional goalie stick for any level of youth lacrosse play.
  4. X AV8 Youth Lacrosse Stick This NCAA approved stick is a youth lacrosse stick geared towards defense and net protection. Deep pockets with a sturdy grip and stiff grip offers security and the added guard necessary in today’s game. Very well manufactured and provides lasting play.
  5. STX Ball Hog Youth Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick Another great product from STX. As the name suggests, this finely crafted composite stick is lightweight, sturdy and carries a sturdy pocket, which is idea for the attacker. The grip points assist new players with hand position and the bottom knob hold keeps the stick in hand.



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