5 Betting Systems That Work

Are you looking for the 5 betting systems that work? There are probably as many betting systems as there are people who bet. And, every person will swear that the routine he uses is the best. As with anything else, however, only the individual knows which betting systems are best for the type of gambling that is being done.

  1. For Roulette: Place two bets on every spin. This includes the 1-18 spin and the 3rd Dozen one. There are other betting systems for roulette, but with this one, players have a better chance of not hitting the numbers 0, 00, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24, all of which can make the player lose.

  2. For Blackjack: A simple card counting system (remember, this can be considered illegal in some casinos and betters can get into trouble) or simply raising until the total on the cards dealt reaches 14 or, at the most, 15, and standing (not asking for more cards on 16 and above) are just two examples of blackjack betting systems.

  3. For Texas Hold-em:  Many betting systems in this very popular game are based on which part of the deal is coming up next. For example, having a strong hand even before the flop card is dealt can be a signal for a player to really get serious about betting. Learn the probabilities of making certain hands in any given situation. The better a player knows the odds, the more efficiently and successfully he will play.

  4. For Sports: Use computer analysis tools to figure out the odds, and stick with one particular team or just a few teams. The continuity will increase winning chances.

  5. For Greyhound Racing:  These are probably two of the simplest betting systems. Those who bet on greyhound racing can either calculate the odds-keeping in mind that most odds below 2-1 are not good ones to bet on-or pay attention to the greyhound’s position on the track while the dog is running. If the dog consistently stays away from the group or tries its best to break away, this is good; a dog staying near the pole or in the center of the group where it can’t move easily is bad.

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