5 Big Breast Massage Tips

If your girl has huge tits, chances are she’ll appreciate you applying these 5 big breast massage tips. There’s nothing more appealing than playing around with a large pair of breasts, both for the giver and the receiver of the massage. Do your job well and it will likely lead to other things.

  1. Communicate.  Women aren’t all the same when it comes to what they like on their tits. Some have very sensitive breasts and would only prefer light touches, while others may like it hard core, complete with hard pressing and grabbing. More than likely, it’s somewhere in between the two extremes, but be sure to ask before or during the massage.
  2. Use massage oil. Massage oil allows your hands to slip and slide all over the big breasts with ease, so don’t be afraid to lube up. You may even want to use flavored massage oil if your mouth will be involved.
  3. Don’t ignore the nipples. A woman’s nipples may be one of the most sensitive areas of her body. Some women can even get off on nipple stimulation alone. Lightly play with the nipples as part of the massage. Even tease her by getting her to the point of near ecstasy before pulling away to concentrate on other areas of her big tits.
  4. Use your tongue. Suck and lick her big breasts as part of the massage. Just don’t bite. Unless she requests it. Use similar techniques as you would when going down on your girl. While your mouth is busy on one side, use your hand to gently play with and massage her other breast.
  5. Give equal coverage. Pay attention to both big breasts. Don’t focus all your time on one side while ignoring the other. Use one hand on each breast at times. Switch your mouth from one tit to the other. Most of all, enjoy the moment.



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