5 Big Breasted Latino Actresses

There are many more than 5 big breasted Latino actresses but for the purposes of this article the top notch contenders have to be whittled down. The best of the big breasted beauties have assets to be proud of and make the hottest jalapeno's seem mild by comparison. The battle for the top 5 was close but the following quintet are simply the breast.

  1. Eva Mendes. The sexy Florida born Eva would qualify for lots of top 5 lists including, best legs, best body and best looks but she keeps her best assets close to her chest. Eva has gained much needed exposure in the last few years and the more she is in the public eye the less she seems to wear and thank goodness for that, as she is one of the best 5 big breasted Latino actresses. 
  2. Sofia Vergara. There may not be an all around sexier woman in the world than Colombian actress Sofia Vergara. The "Modern Family" star has a perfect butt, long luscious legs and a pair of knockers that undoubtedly put her among the top 5 big breasted Latino actresses.
  3. Salma Hayek. Mexican mega-star Salma has breasts that just get better and better with age. Fortunately she has been more willing to bare them in public during the last few years and they have quickly become Mexico's top export to the U.S. If there are many more big breasted Latinos' like Salma down south then it may be time to have an open border policy.
  4. Penelope Cruz. Pretty Penelope may be petite but her fabulous front line features are not. The beautiful actress is among the most popular of the big breasted Latino actresses due to her acting prowess but even if she were a lousy actor we would have a special place in our heart for her.
  5. Paz Vega. The Spanish actress bared all in a 2001 movie but it was her top half that caught the imagination. Her career as an actress is still a work in progress on the international stage but her place among the best 5 big breasted Latino actresses can only help her on her way.
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