5 Biggest Celebrity Athlete Endorsements

The biggest celebrity athlete endorsements help determine what things we pick up at the store.  After all, a few years ago, who didn't want to be like Mike?  Here, in no particular order, are the biggest celebrity athlete endorsements.

  1. Tiger Woods.  Perhaps one of the most well-known celebrity athletes in the world, Tiger Woods also has one of the biggest endorsements deals in sports.  When Nike landed Woods to endorse their products, they picked up one of the biggest celebrity athletes in sports.  Woods has helped to make golf appealing to people across the board.  Even though Woods recently lost a number of endorsements following reports of extramarital affairs, he has maintained many others, including Nike.
  2. Michael Jordan.  Legendary basketball player Michael Jordan may have given Nike the biggest celebrity athlete endorsement ever.  Jordan hasn't touched a basketball professionally in years, but kids around the country anxiously await the release of his new kicks each year. 
  3. Donovan McNabb.  With football player Donovan McNabb's endorsement of Campbell's Soup, the food became cool again.  Who didn't want a bowl of Campbell's Soup after watching McNabb eat the soup so lovingly prepared by his mom?  As a celebrity athlete, McNabb's endorsement of the soup helped convince kids that eating the soup was good for them.
  4. Anna Kournikova.  Tennis star and all-around goddess Anna Kournikova certainly is one of the biggest celebrity athletes to endorse a product.  When Kournikova told men to pick up Xbox games featuring her, they flocked to the store.
  5. Serena Williams.  Powerhouse tennis player Serena Williams has endorsed Gatorade.  As one of the biggest celebrity athletes endorsing the product, Williams has helped to bring in new customers who want to be like her. 

These celebrity athlete endorsements are just a sample of the many that are out there.  Celebrity athletes are endorsing everything from diet programs to cars these days. 

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