5 Biggest Losers: Where Are They Now?

"5 Biggest Losers: Where Are They Now?"  takes a look back at some previous "Biggest Loser" winners. 

  1. Season 8 Winner—Danny Cahill This "Biggest Loser" dropped 239 lbs., more weight than any loser to date, going from 420 to 191 pounds, a mind blowing 55.58% of his body weight.
    Biggest Losers: Where Are They Now?
    Danny has been touring the country as a motivational speaker encouraging others to make their dreams come true. He has revived his music career, and plans to release a CD. Cahill has also been doing talk shows including an episode of "The Doctors," where he was offered surgery to have his excess stomach skin removed. There are claims he postponed the opportunity because he is training to run a marathon.
  2. Season 7 Winner—Helen Phillips Helen was the dark horse on her season of "The Biggest Loser." No one ever assumed a 48-year-old housewife would beat out a 23-year-old ex-model and a strapping 18-year-old young man. But when Helen lost 140 lbs. (54% of her weight) she left Tara and Mike in the dust.
    Biggest Losers: Where Are They Now? Helen has become a motivational speaker urging others to reduce stress and incorporate better exercise and nutrition into their busy schedules. She also works with Detroit's Henry Ford Hospital in the fight against childhood obesity including working with her local school board to encourage healthy food options in cafeterias. Plus, she wrote a cookbook of healthy recipes due out soon.
  3. Season 6 Winner—Michelle Aguilar Michelle and her mom, Renee, went on "The Biggest Loser: Families" after not having spoken to each other for close to six years. It was a bumpy road, yet they muddled through and came out stronger in the end. Michelle beat her mom to become the second woman to win "BL," dropping 110 pounds (45% of her weight).
    Biggest Losers: Where Are They Now? Nine days after she was crowned the winner, her boyfriend proposed. She spent six months planning the wedding paid for with her "Biggest Loser" winnings. Recently, Michelle joined forces with Women of Faith and speaks about living a life that glorifies God. She also made a video for the "I Am Second" campaign, openly discussing the deep pain that made her turn to food for comfort.
  4. Season 5 Winner—Ali Vincent Ali was the first woman to take the title when she lost 112 lbs. and went from 234 to 122 pounds (47.9% of her body weight). The former synchronized swimmer was eliminated in Week 5, but was brought back into the game in a plot twist.
    Biggest Losers: Where Are They Now? Ali has probably been the most prominent "Loser." She's a spokesperson for 24 Hour Fitness, Biggest Loser Protein by Designer Whey, and Infinity Insurance. She writes a weekly "Biggest Loser" blog for a well known entertainment magazine, is an ambassador for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s “Kids Rock Stars” program, works with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Association, and speaks about heart health for the American Heart Association. Her new book, “Believe it. Be it,” is in bookstores now and her foundation with the same name is in the works.
  5. Season 4 Winner—Bill Germanakos In what might have been one of the most public cases of sibling rivalry, both Bill and Jim Germanakos went home winners on Season 4 of "The Biggest Loser." Bill dominated the season and won the grand prize by dropping 164 lbs. going from 334 to 170 pounds (a 49% loss). Not to be outdone, Jim lost 186 pounds (51.52%) and took the "At-Home" prize.
    Biggest Losers: Where Are They Now?
    The two brothers are still committed to a healthy lifestyle. In June 2009, they launched "The Truth About Diets" program, including their Rapid-Action Weight Loss System. They also have a website dedicated to motivating others to keep battling the bulge. Most recently, Bill became a spokesperson for Sensible Portions guilt-free snacks and has been participating in the Shape Up America Health & Fitness Expo.
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