5 Biographical Movies About Drug Addiction

Five biographical movies about drug addiction aren’t really hard to find considering the amount of movies made about famous people with drug addictions. Narrowing it down was the hardest part really. So, below is a nice little list of five biographical movies with drug addiction involved.

  1. “Walk the Line.” The biographical movie “Walk the Line” stars Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash and Reese Witherspoon as June Carter. “Walk the Line” was released in November of 2005. This is an excellent biographical movie about drug addiction that follows Johnny Cash through the ups and downs of his entire life.
  2. “The Doors.” “The Doors” stars Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison, the singer of the band “The Doors.” This biographical movie about drug addiction was released in 1991 and follows Jim Morrison through his life beginning from a memory of his childhood. Jim Morrison and “The Doors” had growing fame and fortune, but Jim also had a growing drug addiction and obsession about death.
  3. “The Basketball Diaries.” “The Basketball Diaries” is a biographical movie which is a memoir by Jim Carroll. This movie about drug addiction is about a young man whose dream is to be a basketball star but has real life problems to face. He has a driving love of basketball but the many problems he encounters at his young age drive him to a fierce addiction to heroin.
  4. “Ray.” The biographical movie “Ray” follows the life of Ray Charles and the loss of his eyesight, his problems with women and drug addiction. Even with all of these problems that may have hindered him, Ray became a music icon everyone will remember.
  5. “Thirteen.” The movie “Thirteen” follows a young girl's progression of being a polite, well behaved young girl. That is, until she befriends a more popular girl and does anything she wants her to, including drugs and sex. This biographical movie about drug abuse is good for parents to watch. It helps them know that it doesn’t take much for a good girl to go bad.
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