5 Black Female Celebrity Interracial Rumors

Black female celebrities have long been the subject of interracial relationship rumors. These women look past the negative feelings and opinions of others and find love and often interracial bliss. Though there have been many strides in race relations, the black female celebrities in interracial relationships, whether rumored or confirmed, still sometimes shocks in modern society. Although we know that there are many, many more than just five black female celebrities in interracial relationships, here are a few.

  1. Kerry Washington. Rumors about Kerry Washington and interracial dating have buzzing almost as long as the actress has made buzz herself. She has been seen with several men outside her race and she looks fabulous and happy doing it. Kerry has recently been linked to actors David Moscow and Efraim Grimberg.
  2. Eve. The rapper and actress has been rumored to be in an interracial relationship and possibly engaged to her beau. The joy of her secret love affair has the artist/actress simply glowing and her guy should keep up the good work. Recent rumors claim Eve is now engaged to actor Shane Powers.
  3. Serena Williams. The beautiful and power tennis player is yet another black celebrity who's been the subject of interracial relationship rumors. The young star has been seen cuddling up cozy to several studly men outside of her race. Game Set Match!
  4. Whoopie Goldberg. This funny lady was the subject of a celebrity interracial rumor that many found hard to believe. She was rumored to be dating Ted Danson for a while and the couple even starred in a film together.
  5. Wanda Sykes. Wanda Sykes kept her relationship status a secret for years but rumors always swirled around the actress about her interracial relationships with women. She has recently confirmed her commitment to a beautiful woman and the couple are the proud parents of twins.

More and more Black female celebrities are finding love in interracial relationships and we're finding joy in seeing them shine. We applaud all those who find with the right person, whether the relationship is interracial or not.

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