5 Blacktail Deer Hunting Tips

When attempting to harvest a blacktail buck, these 5 blacktail deer hunting tips should help.

  1. Scout your hunting area. It's unbelievable how many hunters never take time to scout their chosen hunting area. Scouting is the absolute key ingredient to a successful big game hunt, regardless of species. The biggest tip for blacktail deer hunting is knowing where activity presents itself.
  2. Camouflage up. The second most important tip for blacktail deer hunting is to cover bare skin. Blacktail deer are very elusive, possibly even more so than whitetail. Blending in with your surrounding area is very important. Blacktails have sharp eyesight and can spot you from long distances. It's not uncommon for bucks-especially big bucks-to already be watching you before you even know he's anywhere around. In addition, fast and sudden movement should not occur while hunting.
  3. Hide your scent. The third most important tip for blacktail deer hunting is to mask your odor. All species of deer have a keen sense of smell. The slightest blow of wind can cause a blacktail buck to know your whereabouts long before he sees you. A variety of commercial scent blockers are available for your choosing. Products range from bar soaps to sprays. For maximum coverage, use both.
  4. Attack from atop. Hunting blacktails from a tree stand has many advantages. Deer are less likely to see and smell you from above, depending on how high you are. Twelve to twenty feet high is recommended, but use extreme caution while in elevated conditions. Also, your backdrop must be taken into consideration while tree hunting. You still need to blend in with the area.
  5. Calling is important. Correctly using a deer call is the fifth tip on blacktail deer hunting. Most blacktail calling is done with antler rattling. Practice your rattling technique before your hunt. If done improperly, your calling can backfire. Instead of luring in that big trophy, he can get spooked and leave. Deer know when rattling sounds natural. Don't overdo it.

These 5 blacktail deer hunting tips will aid you in your quest for a successful harvest. You might have your freezer full and calling your taxidermist sooner than you think.

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