5 Bland Foods To Eat

Five bland foods to eat are common foods eaten by people on the bland diet. Bland diets are suggested by doctors for people suffering with digestive problems. These foods tend to be easy on the stomach and intestines, while still maintaining a balanced diet.

  1. Fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are considered a bland food. This includes cooked vegetables such as carrots, green beans and squash. Fruits considered bland are oranges, bananas and all canned fruit. In this category, 100 percent vegetable or fruit juices are also considered bland.
  2. Dairy products. Almost all dairy products are considered bland and therefore dairy products are one of the five bland food types people consume. Bland dairy products include yogurt, cheese, milk and ice cream.
  3. Proteins. Bland proteins are one of five common food types eaten in a bland diet. When eating bland proteins, greasy food with protein should be avoided. Good proteins to eat that are bland are grilled chicken, fish and seafood. Soy products are also good which includes bacon, eggs and peanut butter.
  4. Breads. Another group of bland foods is the bread group. Whole-grain bread is considered bland, while white bread is not. Whole-grain bread is also very healthy and provides needed nutrition. Also included in this category is oatmeal, pasta, sweet potatoes, white rice and corn flakes cereal.
  5. Snacks. There are many bland snacks that can be consumed including cake and cookies. Pudding and chocolate are also considered bland, and are therefore allowed on a bland diet. Snacks high in fiber or those that are very greasy are not considered bland, such as potato chips.
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