5 Blond Actors Under 25

Looking for 5 blond actors under 25?  We have compiled a list of blond actors who are changing the acting game in Hollywood.  All five actors are fresh and definitely are considered ones to watch.

  1. Michael Cera.  Canadian actor Michael Cera got his start playing bit parts on Canadian TV shows.  Since that time, this blond actor under 25 has blown up internationally.  From the hit movie "Superbad" to the quirky "Juno," Michael Cera has grown considerably as an actor.  He is thought to be one of the funniest and bankable young actors around.
  2. Jamie Bell.  When international audiences first saw Jamie Bell, it was as the title role of the critically acclaimed "Billy Elliot."  Since that time, little Billy has grown up to be one of the hottest blond actors under 25. When you get that kind of critical acclaim at such a young age, it only foreshadows awesome success for this youngster in the future.
  3. Aaron Carter.  Although Aaron Carter is only 22 years-old, he is a veteran in the world of Hollywood.  Although Carter's acting has been limited to mostly the small screen, he is expected to become a big player movie industry.  Maybe not an actor to watch out for for talent, but his personal life drama is definitely entertaining to witness.
  4. Dylan Sprouse.  Disney alum Dylan Sprouse is making a name for himself in Hollywood.  Co-star of the Disney series "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody," Sprouse shares the spotlight with his twin brother, Cole.  Since a number of famous celebrities got their start on Disney, there is good reason to believe that Sprouse will have incredible success in the future.
  5. Cole Sprouse. With his twin brother, Cole Sprouse has co-starred in "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" since 2005.  Cole has also been featured in a number of other projects including an upcoming feature movie entitled "Kung Fu Magoo." 

There are many other blonde actors under 25 that could have been included, but these actors are raising the bar in young Hollywood.   Undoubtedly as these actors age, others will take their place as actors to watch.

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