5 BMX Tricks That Are Easy And Look Cool

Looking for 5 BMX tricks that are easy and look cool? The tricks listed include flatland BMX tricks, vertical BMX tricks, and street BMX tricks.

  1. Pogo. The Pogo, one of 5 BMX tricks that are easy and look cool, is a trick that uses the bike like a pogo stick. You will need a bike with pegs to complete this trick. To perform the pogo, you will need to be moving slowly on the bike with your feet on the back pegs. Use your front brake to stop the bike and then push down with your foot against the wheel to go backwards. You will then put your feet on the back pegs, hit the back brake, and pull up on the handlebars. Hold the bike up vertically and bounce up and down on the rear tire. When you are done performing the trick, let the front of the bike fall back down to the ground and put your feet back onto the pedals.
  2. Stander. The Stander, one of 5 BMX tricks that are easy and look cool, is a flatland BMX trick. To perform this trick, get some speed and then stand up. You will want to pinch the seat with your legs and spread your arms for balance. Once you get more experience with the trick, you will learn to steer the bike while standing.
  3. Kickout. To complete the Kickout, one of 5 BMX tricks that are easy and look cool, you will need to use a jump. Once your back wheel leaves the top of the jump, swing the rear of your bike around to the left or the right using your hips and legs. As soon as you swing your bike out, bring it right back in. If you stay sideways too long, you may fall.
  4. Wheelie. The Wheelie, one of 5 BMX tricks that are easy and look cool, is a very simple trick that is always fun to do and watch. To perform a wheelie, all you have to do is pull up on the bars and pedal while the bike is moving. Once you find your balance point on the rear axle, you can keep a wheelie going for a very long time.
  5. Manual. The Manual is the final trick on our list of 5 BMX tricks that are easy and look cool. The manual is similar to the wheelie, except you are not pedaling. To perform the manual, you will pull back on the handlebars and lean so far backwards that you are only holding on with your fingertips. If you flex your knees in and out, you can ride a manual for awhile.


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