5 Boat Exhaust Tips

Need 5 boat exhaust tips? A boat exhaust tip is a device that is placed on the exhaust of a boat and help to reduce carbon monoxide and noise. A person who is in need of an exhaust tip will be faced with many options. Buying an exhaust tip will depend on the boat you have and how much money you want to spend.

Some of the top 5 exhaust tips are:

  1. The standard marine tip. This is one of the simplest and least expensive tips. It also fits most standard size boat exhaust. It is superior in reducing noise. The reduction of carbon monoxide is best when this type of tip is applied. Application of this type of tip can be accomplished by the owner of the boat is they are experienced at with tools.

  2. The logo exhaust tip. This tip can be customized to suit your needs and desires. The logo of the boat can be applied to the tip or any logo you wish. Using a logo does not hinder the performance of the tip. Customizing your tip will help identify your boat if it is stolen. This type of tip can be costly, as it requires customized manufacturing.

  3. The tube style tip. This tip is the best for a hard to fit exhaust. The manufacturing of this tip enables it to be applied to any exhaust without costly adjustments. This tip is designed to be installed by a professional installer. It can be installed in less than 30 minutes.

  4. The bull nose marine tip. This tip uses the standard tip that comes with the boat and adds a custom look. This saves the cost of adding custom tips. Using the standard tip but adding a bull nose marine tip will also make identifying the boat easier.

  5. The flush mount tip. This provides a flush mount tip without any screw holes. This tip allows you to have a custom exhaust but does not disturb the look of your boat. These types of tips also have an internal flap for added safety. They can be installed without much knowledge of installation.

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