5 Boat Hull Repair Tips

If you want to save some money while completing a fun project, then these five boat hull repair tips are perfect for you. Boat hull damage is perhaps the number one nightmare for most of the boat owners. While boat hull repair may seem hard to some,with these tips you can easily repair your boat with little to no heavy machinery. These five boat hull repair tips can also be completed very cheaply. These tips are perfect for most of the boat hulls. This article will share with you five  boat hull repair tips.

  1. If you do not know your boat, then it is time to learn about it. Boats can be made from a variety of different materials, such as wood and fiber glass. Depending on the material of your boat, you may need to use very different repair methods. If you just purchased an old boat, and do not really know about it's made of, perhaps you should give the previous owner a call and ask.
  2. Learn to love epoxy. Epoxy, sometimes know as liquid welding, should be your number one choice in most of boat hull repairs. Most of the modern boats are made with a layer of fiber glass. If the damage is not extensive, you can fix it easily with some epoxy, which you can buy online or from home improvement stores such as the Home Depot.
  3. Check for damages. The best way to check for damages is by using a screw driver. Tap the screw driver lightly near the damaged area. If you hear a solid sounding in the surround area, then mostly likely the damage to your boat hull is not extensive. You can still repair it by yourself. If you hear different types of noises then you might need to take it to the shop.
  4. Price does matter. Depending on the area of damage, sometimes you may need to choose fiberglass resin over epoxy. Fiberglass resin is not as strong as epoxy. It is porous, which means it is more susceptible to water damage. However, it is much cheaper than epoxy. Therefore, when repairing a large area in your boat hull, you may have to use the cheaper alternative sometimes.
  5. No need to sand the epoxy. There are certain types of polycarbonate mold or sheets that epoxy do not stick to. Use them when you are doing your boat hull repair with epoxy. You do not have to sand the surface later on.
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