5 Body Language Signs She Likes You

You're in the same room with a beautiful woman and you ask yourself what are five body language signs she likes you? Women aren't the mysterious creatures that people make them out to be. In fact, women are pretty predictable, especially when it comes to flirting. If she likes you, she's going to display some classic behaviors, whether she's aware of it or not.

  1. She's a Poser. If a woman's into you, she's going to pose her body in such a way you can't help but notice her attributes. She'll expose her neck, throw out her hips seductively, or maybe even lean over to pick something up slowly to give you full shot of the goods. If she's talking to you, she leans towards you to get closer. A woman who digs you might back you into a corner and you'll never notice until you come up for air.
  2. Her Eyes Say it All. Women can't help it: if she likes you, she'll follow you around the room with her eyes. Talk to her and check her eyes. This isn't to show her you're interested in her mind. A woman's eyes widen if she's into you, and dilated pupils (when the place isn't dark) means there's a good chance that she's sexually attracted to you. If she gazes at you longer than normal, looks away, and looks back, in body language, that's also a good sign.
  3. Check Out Her Legs. Does she cross and uncross her legs while talking or looking at you? That's her body language saying, "I want you."  Knees and feet pointed directly towards you during conversation are a definite giveaway of her interest. If she touches, strokes, or massages her thighs or knees while engaging you in conversation, you may as well make reservations for room service now. Be careful, though. If she crosses her legs tightly and keeps them that way, back off. That's a defensive measure and she subconsciously keeping you out.
  4. Her Lips do the Talking. Your eyes meet across the room and she instantly licks her lips. Whether she knows it or not, her body language has just revealed her interest. When you're talking to her, does she smile a lot, even at your mundane jokes? Smiling and laughing are a woman's way of showing a man her carefree and positive nature which is attractive to men. If she licks her lips and then bites them, she's probably wondering what your lips taste like. If you still haven't figured out she wants you after blatant displays of sucking on things, like straws, fingers or whatever, then you are probably brain dead.
  5. Touchy-Feely. You're deep in discussion with this gorgeous specimen and find yourself really connecting with her. You're not sure if she feels the same way when she suddenly touches your arm and lets her hand linger for a moment or two. She has just given you one of the universal body language signs that she wants you. If she continues to touch you lightly, stroke your arm, or find reasons to touch your hair or face ("Oh, you have a speck on your mouth, let me wipe it off.") you, sir, have permission to proceed.
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