5 Boho Style Tips

Boho style, also known as Bohemian and Boho-chic, is a fashion trend which borrows heavily from Hippie-chic undertones, vintage finds, and earthy charm to promote self-expression and a unique twist. It can be a difficult style for men to pull off, without looking like vagabonds or starving artists. But just as Hippie-chic is unisex, and vintage clothing stores cater to both male and female shoppers, Boho fashion can work for men just as much as for women. Often, Boho style has a romantic element incorporated for men's designs; tapping into your inner Casanova can work wonders with the freedom afforded by Boho style.

 Here are 5 tips of making this fashion trend work for you:

  1. Decide on which Boho style element you want to stress, an especially essential step for men even more than female enthusiasts of this trend. Boho style offers limitless creativity, but each outfit should be limited to one or two types of Boho; vintage, hippie-chic, earthy, romantic, etc. Combining a woven organic vest, tie-dyed bell-bottoms, a fedora and distressed tie would overwhelm any man trying to dress Boho.
  2. Take caution with distressed items. It is a very thin line between Boho—and Hobo. While buying designer jeans systematically engineered to look well past their prime, dressing in the Boho style gives every guy an opportunity to keep those comfortable old sandals, torn-knee jeans, and faded Superhero T-shirt. These personalized elements are actually the key to wearing Boho style believably. Argue that the next time your date challenges the longevity of your most comfortable clothes!
  3. Think: Rebel Actor. Johnny Depp, Paul Newman, James Dean—all celebrity men who have embodied the Boho style and attitude, possibly without even trying. Depp often has a hippie-chic undertone in his wardrobe on movie sets. Is this a reflection of his personal tastes or does the wardrobe automatically associate the free-thinking, humble, handsome rebel with Bohemia?
  4. Boho lives in the details. The tiniest of embroidery, the subtlest seashell cufflinks, the most faded and unusual socks—these unexpected details are a feast for the eyes, and provided limitless potential to let your personality shine through your clothing and accessories. If the 1940’s are your favorite era, try incorporating elements of that period of fashion into your wardrobe. Part of the freedom of Boho is deciding which fashion rules apply to you.
  5. Understand the Boho Attitude. Boho style enthusiasts argue that Bohemian fashion is 20% clothing, 30% attitude and 50% freedom of thought. Men are taught from childhood to “be their own man.” Perhaps Boho style is the perfect opportunity for modern men to be creative and interested in fashion without compromising their individuality.
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