5 Boob Cake Ideas

If you have a special occasion coming up where you will need a boob cake, then pay attention to these 5 boob cake ideas. A boob cake is great to give to a person who loves boobs or to take to a lighthearted fun party. Depending on the receiver's taste these cakes can be made with either big or small boobs. Have a blast giving one of these five boob cake ideas to a friend.

  1. Boob Cake With Bra and Cherry Nipples. With this boob cake idea half of boob shape cake is covered with frosting, so it looks like the boobs are covered by a bra. Before the frosting is put on a cherry is cut in half and put on each boob to look like nipples. Piping can be done along the top of the bra, to make it look like a lacy bra.
  2. The Naked Boob Cake. In this boob cake idea, you just bake a box cake in a boob mold. After the cake has cooled, you can make nipples out of chocolate fondant. To give these boobs a little more color, take colored icing and write a message across the top of the boobs.
  3. The Tattooed Boob Cake. If the person getting the cake thinks tattoos are sexy, then this cake is a must. After the boob cake has cooled and the fondant nipples are put on, you can add an icing tattoo to one of the boobs. If you don't think you can do a free hand tattoo, you can buy edible decals to put on a boob to make it look like the boob is tattooed.
  4. The Saggy Boob Cake. This is a hilarious boob cake idea to take to an over the hill party. This cake can made with a saggy boob cake pan or you can bake the cake in a regular 9×13 cake pan then cut the cake in the shape of saggy boobs. To make this boob cake idea even funnier, you can put a banner along the bottom of the boobs that says "over the hill. "
  5. Boob Cake With Candle Nipples. There is a great cake to have if you are having a guy's birthday party. Instead of putting nipples on this boob cake, you put candles where the nipples should go. It is really fun to put trick birthday candles on this cake, so when the birthday person has to keep blowing over the nipples.



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