5 Bowling Approach Tips

These 5 bowling approach tips will help players of all levels, from those just beginning to those in a competitive league. Bowling can be a blast when its done right. Be sure to keep these approaches in mind while playing the game, but also keep the game fun with a competitive edge.

  1. Get your mind and body ready to bowl. Bowling is a mental and physical game. Its important to do some mental and physical exercises before you play. A quick game of Sudoku before lacing those shoes will help loosen those thoughts.
  2. Keep your eyes on the target. This technique is true for most sporting activities. Pre-visualization is key in knocking down as many pins as possible. As you move with the ball, keep your eyes on the pins that you are aiming at. From the extension of the arm to the release of the ball, keep your eyes on the pins.
  3. Push out the ball. Oftentimes, bowlers feel as though they are working against the ball. However, a good approach to this would be to work with the ball. Push the ball out with each roll. Keep a smooth motion with your arm in each roll. Act as though your arm is in a cast. Keeping it stiff will help with a smooth motion down the lane.
  4. Swing naturally. Unless you are doing trick bowling, there isn't any need to go against natural moves. The body has a natural swing motion in the hips and legs. Its all about even movement. The body has a natural gate that happens when you approach the pins with the ball. The even exchange between leg and arm plays a pivotal part in the natural flow of the swing.
  5. Release the ball. Releasing the ball is one of the most important approaches in bowling. Some bowlers don't like to release the ball until its past its breaking point. Its important to know when its the appropriate time to release the ball. When the ball has reached around the eighty degree mark, that's the appropriate time to release the ball.
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