5 Bowling Curve Tips

These 5 bowling curve tips can help you throw the curve that you want in bowling.  Curving the bowling ball, also known as a hook, is desirable in order to create more pin action, and thus give a generally better chance of throwing more strikes.  Here are five bowling curve tips to help you help you throw a hook in bowling.

  1. Get the right equipment.  If you are having trouble throwing a curve, it could have something to do with your ball.  It is best to use your own bowling ball with properly-drilled holes.  Throwing a lighter ball at first can help you get the mechanics down easier as well.
  2. Let the ball roll off of your fingers.  Here we see why a proper thumb hole is necessary.  When you release the ball with your palm behind the ball, your thumb will exit first.  This enables the bowling ball to roll off of your fingers, giving you more control in terms of the curve or hook.
  3. Curve the ball with your fingers, not your wrist.  Continuing with the previous point, you should move your fingers alongside of the bowling ball to generate spin.  Do not try to generate spin with your wrist. 
  4. Play around with different angles.  Of course, you will need some practice to get the angles down.  Try bowling with larger and smaller amounts of spin, concentrating on your mechanics.  In this stage, visualization will be important, allowing you to see the results of slight angle adjustments and speed.
  5. Be aware of factors that will alter your curve.  The biggest aspect that affects your curve is probably the lane conditions.  Go to different alleys in your area to see the difference, as some lanes will be better kept than others.  Also try your bowling curve over time to reinforce good habits and to stay focused.



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