5 Bowling Hook Tips

As a beginner, you can step up your game with the top 5 bowling hook tips to throw the perfect bowling hook no matter where you need the ball to go. While salesmen want you to think that bowling hook depends on your ball, it's all up to you and how you throw the ball. No bowling ball in the world can help you if you have improper form.

  1. Get a grip. For a good bowling hook, you need a good grip on the bowling ball. When you bring your arm back, let the ball rest against the palm of your hand and keep your thumb in the front. When you release the ball, make sure your thumb rolls out of its hole first. Your fingers control the motion to put the right curve on your bowling ball.
  2. Aim at your goal. While it takes practice to know just how far you need to curve your bowling ball, practice the basic bowling hook by letting all your fingers—not just the two in the holes of the ball—press against the ball. They should push the ball straight off of your hand and in the direction you want the ball to curve.
  3. Choose a comfortable bowling ball weight. Trying to play with a ball that is too light or too heavy makes throwing a bowling hook nearly impossible. Start out with a lighter than normal ball if you need to and work your way up to your normal weight once you get the motion down.
  4. Follow proper form. The hand is the key to throwing a proper bowling hook, but don't forget about the rest of your body. Let yourself follow the motion of your hand so all your force goes into pointing the bowling ball in the right direction.
  5. Practice different angles. Work on throwing bowling hooks that curve sharply and those that barely curve. Some days you may need to hit the pins in the center while others you need to curve towards that one leftover pin on the side. Look at what you want to hit, not the bowling ball itself and you'll do just fine.
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