5 Bowling Spare Tips

Sometimes the spare is just as important as the strike, so use these 5 bowling spare tips the next time you go bowling to rack up your average. If you can bowl a spare every time you try you will be able to pick up more points than your competitors and beat them every time. Don't underestimate the importance of bowling a spare when you are working on improving your overall game.

  1. Use a spare ball. One important bowling spare tip is to start with a spare ball. These balls are different than regular bowling balls because they are made from plastic and they tend to go straighter than other balls.
  2. Aim for the pin square. In order to successfully pick up the spare you need to aim  directly for the pin square and hit your target.
  3. Straighten your wrist. The best way to do this is to relax your wrist when you are releasing the ball. It will help it to stay straight. This will also help to keep the spin on the ball down to a minimum so it will go straighter down the lane.
  4. Stop and think. It is important when bowling a spare to stop and think before you throw the ball. Think about where it needs to go and where you need to be to get it there. Relax before you take the shot and don't rush it.
  5. Aim for the pin that is closest. For right handed bowlers an important bowling spare tip is to move to the left one dot for each row of pins that remains. For left handed bowlers move to the right. Striking the pins from the side will help you to pick up the spare.
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