5 Boxing Footwork Exercises

A boxer who throws a punch will have to have the proper footwork technique to have the most impact, so here are 5 boxing footwork exercises. A boxer's footwork is a crucial part of fighting in the ring. To do boxing footwork exercises, you will not be throwing any punches as of yet. That will come with shadow boxing and the punching bag.

  1. Half step boxing footwork exercises. You are not taking big full steps towards your opponent because this will leave you off balance to defend yourself. Keep your elbows tucked near your hips and your chin tucked down. You will be making short movements with your legs, so your feet should be shoulder width apart. Only one foot should be off the ground, almost as if you were sliding the tips of your toes forward, and make it a slight movement. Whether you're moving forward, backwards or side to side, every move should be done in a short step. With one foot leading the way the other should closely follow. When done properly you use less energy that is spent chasing or retreating from an opponent.
  2. Bob and weave boxing footwork exercises. Considering that you understand the concept of the half step technique, now it's time corporate that boxing exercise with bobbing and weaving. Never leave your head in the same position. With every half step you take, dip down with only your knees, so that your head is at the opponents stomach. If you are stationary, you want to keep moving side to side while dipping at the knees. Don't dip down at the waist, so that it appears you are looking down to the floor. This will lead you to uppercuts.
  3. The slide, dip and drag footwork technique. You first need the proper footwear to apply this boxing technique. Consider buying wrestling or boxing shoes. If you have traction on your feet you can easily stumble trying this footwork exercises. In your fighting stance, begin to slide your lend foot forward, dip with your knees and drag the back foot. If you are moving backwards, slide your back foot, dip your knees and drag the front of your foot. You will also apply this boxing footwork exercises when moving side to side.
  4. The six and three step footwork exercises. This exercise should leave you at the position where you first started. Implement the slide, dip and drag technique. Move forward six steps, move back three steps, move left three steps, move right six steps, move left three steps and finally move back three steps. This footwork exercise teaches coordination.
  5. Circle boxing footwork exercises. You will need to face forward at all times; don't turn while moving side to side or backwards. This exercise is great inside the ring. You will again implement the slide, dip and drag technique. With your back against the ropes begin to step to the end of the ring. At this point you can move at either side, but always face forward. Then move backwards to the other end of the ring. This exercise will have you circling the ring.
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