5 Breakup Divorce Songs

The 5 best breakup divorce songs are those perfect antidotes for you after you've endured a particularly earth-shattering breakup or divorce. They are songs that will be your perfect companion in your heart-broken misery. As the old saying goes "Misery loves company," so help yourself to a listening of any one of these songs, and be heartbroken together with them.

  1. "Unbreak My Heart". Sung by Toni Braxton and written by Diane Warren, this chart-topping song from 1996 takes the number one spot very easily due to its pathetic and lamenting wail. Each time you hear this song, you can't help but empathize immediately with Ms. Braxton, especially when she sings, "I've cried so many nights…" Very emotional stuff that is sure to intensify your feelings during a breakup or divorce!
  2. "I Will Always Love You". Today, "I Will Always Love You" is probably associated most with the Whitney Houston-Kevin Costner movie, "The Bodyguard". However, this breakup divorce song may be applicable to you if you still have longing feelings of desire and dependency for your ex, even though the two of you have officially journeyed to Splitsville. It takes the two spot for the sheer power of Whitney Houston's lungs alone.
  3. "More Than Words". This oh-so-touching ballad is from 1990 and comes courtesy of the funk metal group, Extreme. A true departure from their style, "More Than Words" proved to be this one-hit wonder group's only major hit, and it, too, can come to your aid in a breakup or divorce, which is why it earns the three spot. Just think: The next time someone breaks up with you, you can try to sing her this song in the useless hope that she may stay with you!
  4. "Song For The Dumped". This sort of obscure song by the now-defunct, alternative band called Ben Folds Five is a more revengeful take on a breakup or divorce. Featuring the stellar lines "Give me my money back, give me my money back…you bitch!" this song may be good for you if you feel cheated or wronged after your breakup or divorce, which is why it deserves the number four position.
  5. "I'll Make Love To You". This song was so ultra-popular back in the mid-90s that it's not even believable now. From Boyz II Men when they had an actual career, "I'll Make Love To You" is an ideal song after a breakup or divorce because you can always remember the good times, when making love was all you built your relationship on.
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