5 Camping Accessories Every Man Should Have

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When camping, there are at least 5 camping accessories that every man should have. Camping is a pastime that most enjoy, but having the right gear can turn a mediocre trip into a great trip. Whether you are camping in a tent, cabin, or RV, these accessories will help the trip be a huge success.


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Portable Coffee Maker. A portable coffee maker is a must have for coffee lovers. There are kinds you can purchase now that are battery, and even solar powered. They are capable of brewing up to four cups of coffee at one time. This sure beats heating water over a fire for instant coffee while camping.



Swiss Army Knife. A multi-use Swiss Army Knife is a must have when out camping. One of these knives serves multiple purposes. You have a bottle opener, to open bottles of beer, a knife to cut things, and usually a corkscrew to open that stubborn bottle of wine.


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Portable Stove. A portable stove is a great item to bring with you to cook a quick meal while out camping. A fire takes a long time to burn down enough to cook. When needing a fast meal, a small propane powered stove will come in handy.


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Lanterns. Lanterns are very important once nightfall comes when out in the wilderness. Out in the woods it gets very dark at night, and seeing may become important. Always bring lanterns with you on your camping trip to use at night or in case of an emergency.


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Sleeping Bag. A sleeping bag is great to have to keep warm, especially in places where the nights are cool. Sleeping bags will keep you warm and also are quite comfortable to sleep in, offering padding between you and the hard ground.

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