5 Capital Cities In Europe To Visit

If you’re planning on heading overseas in the near future, you’ll probably want to know 5 capital cities in Europe to visit. Though travel within the U.S. is great, this country simply hasn’t been around long enough to have the history and culture that many of Europe’s capital cities have. What’s more, the vast cultural differences of cities in Europe are packed together in a relatively small area. So to make your travel to Europe the trip of a lifetime, check out the mesmerizing cities below.

  1. Berlin. Germany’s capital will forever share a connotation with its division during the Cold War. After all, the Berlin wall has become one of the most iconic images in the 20th Century. But today, Berlin is among Europe’s most cosmopolitan capital cities. It’s known for everything from high culture, including the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and the Pergamon Museum, to one of the best club scenes in Europe. For a perfect mix of class and fun, Berlin is a European capital to consider visiting.
  2. London.  No list of great capital cities in Europe is complete without London. Historians, music fanatics, and young people looking for a good time can all find what they’re looking for in London. With attractions including Westminster Abbey (the place where royalty is crowned) and a huge array of beautiful parks, London is just big enough to have something for everyone. Its reputation may be immense, but London actually does live up to its hype.
  3. Moscow. If you’re looking for a European capital city with beautiful beaches and temperate climate, Moscow probably isn’t the first place you’d consider visiting. But those who brave the cold are rewarded with first hand experiences at places such as the architecturally astounding Kremlin and historic Red Square. Plus, Russia’s tourism industry has been kind enough to litter Moscow with Western-style department stores and shopping centers.
  4. Athens. Of all of Europe’s capital cities, Greece’s may be the most visually arresting. Tucked neatly on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the beautiful landscape is worth visiting on its own. But when its fantastic historical and cultural significance is considered, one must believe that Athens tops many must-see European cities lists.
  5. Lisbon. While every other tourist in Europe is busy in Spain’s capital city of Madrid, you can pass it by and enjoy Portugal’s ocean side vistas and impressive attractions. Known for great wine and better museums, travelers looking for culture and romance will thoroughly their trip to this European capital city. 
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