5 Capoeira Legends

These 5 capoeira legends have inspired capoeira fighters internationally with their amazing stories and skills. They have stories of unmatched power and ability, making them part of capoeira's history. You should definitely consider learning about these great legends if you want to understand more about capoeira's history.

  1. Besouro Manganga: This capoeira fighter was known for his anti-authoritarian stance, with an ability to "fly" away from the scene when needed. His capoeira skills helped protect him from the police, giving him fluid movement and ability to maneuver out of danger. Recently, a film was bad about Besouro, as he still remains a capoeira legend in Brazil.
  2. Mestre Pastinha: He studied capoeira since he was ten , taught to defend himself from other boys. When he was merely  21 years old, he opened his own academy. Working to bring capoeria to Brazil's forefront, he helped secure capoeira's presence in the first festival of black art in Senegal. 
  3. Zumbi: Leader of the largest slave community, Quilombo dos Palmares that defended itself against repeated government attacks. Capoeira was used to defend themselves against the government. Zumbi himself was known for his heroism and strong capeoria skills, making him one of the most memorable capoeira legends.
  4. Mestre Joao Grande: A student of Mestre Pastinha, this capoeira fighter is known for spreading capoeira in Brazil and the United States. His efforts were significant and have been recognized internationally. His impressive skills have made him a capoeira legend.
  5. Mestre Bimba: Helping to change capoeira's status as an illegal activity, Mestre Bimba also is known for creating the Regional style of capoeira and added movements from the African Bataque fighting style. His innovation and strong technique has made this legend an integral part of capoeira's history.
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