5 Cardio Tennis Drills

Learning 5 Cardio Tennis Drills is an incredible way to amp up your fitness program. It is an amazingly vigorous workout that not only burns up your calories but also improve your skills as a player. Cardio tennis drills bumps up your heart rate into its aerobic precinct. In these drills, the expert challenges your capability and your robustness level.

  1. Cardio tennis drills are divided into three parts: cardio, warm up, and cool down segments. Warm up takes up to 5 to 10 minutes, cardio takes 35 to 50 minutes, and cool down takes 5 to minutes.
  2. The basic idea of the warm up drill is the “bounce strike forehand.” In this, players take the ball and run to the specified service line and hit the ball when it is at a halt. Then, they stop the movement of the ball and again bounce backwards three steps. Then they get ready again to bounce back and to strike the static ball.
  3. Another cardio tennis drill is to hit the ball when it is in motion and then take a step back and then hit the ball again on its second return. You can do it at your home or on the court, whatever suits you the best.  But make sure to have bouncing feet needed to produce the requisite cardio. You may use a baseball bat to make it more challenging.
  4. Having the skill to hit the “Recoil Ball,” which is connected to the anchor before you, is an amazing part of your cardio tennis drills. You should start with the loop hit in your preliminary practice. Volley up drill is a form of a cool down segment. It’s a cooperative work out for expert players to be taught control and to know how to place under twist on your ball.
  5. In the mini tennis drill, a ball hits off the body part of the player, for instance the head, chest, foot, and knee. Then it bounces and players strike it back again. Similarly there is a cardio tennis drill, which is practiced in a specified pattern by a coach's instructions. In this kind of drill, players shuffle their positions clockwise and counter clockwise, with the change in music.
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