5 Casual Outfit Ideas For Men

These 5 casual outfit ideas for men are very versatile and they can be worn on a date, out to dinner or for a weekend afternoon in the park. Men have more options than ever when it comes to casual wear, and there are many fabrics on the market to choose from. Look for clothing that is comfortable while keeping in mind your own personal style and flair.

  1. Polo shirt with stretch jeans. This casual outfit can be worn for a classic summertime appearance. Or, you can pair it with tennis shoes for an “Ivy League” look that is sure to turn some heads. This outfit can also be worn with a winter vest or boots for when the weather gets colder. A matching denim vest looks the best and Topman stores have some of the best fashion-forward denim options to choose from.
  2. Two piece leisure suit. These suits were popular in the 1920’s and are still worn today for comfort and flexibility. They were called walking suits, which consist of a casual jacket and trouser combination and are perfect for an afternoon or evening stroll. They come in a variety of colors and can be striped, metallic or plain. Paired with a dressy shirt with a collar, this casual outfit can be dressed up for the office or for that perfect casual date. These suits are usually a poly-rayon blend, and they are affordably priced.
  3. Straight collar shirt with khaki pants. This casual outfit provides comfort and style all in one. This outfit should look tailored, so opt for wrinkle resistant fabric options. Eddie Bauer has dress performance pants and breathable non-iron straight-collar shirts that are wrinkle resistant. Many stores online carry a wide-range of men’s wrinkle resistant clothing, which gives this casual outfit a smooth and sheer look.
  4. Bright shirt with cotton chino shorts. These bright shirts are great for a casual day at the beach, or while shopping or running errands on the weekend. It’s a bold look that is an alternative to the traditional polo knit. Look for chino shorts that are beige or neutral in color, and pair the outfit with penny loafers for a comfortable look and feel.
  5. Button down shirt with fitted jeans and a jacket. This is a classic standby for a night on the town. This casual chic look is appropriate for most nightclub environments, and it’s versatile enough to be worn to restaurants, bars and even the movies. Another variation is a sleeveless print top with a jacket, which can be taken off once at the club. This type of casual outfit allows men to experiment with bold colors and show off their unique style.
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