5 Casual Shoes To Wear With Sport Coat

Here are the top 5 casual shoes to wear with a sport coat. When it's time to choose the best casual shoes to wear with a sport coat, your favorite run-down Converse from freshman year of school should stay in the closet where they belong. There are better shoes to wear with a sport coat that won't look lame or lazy to a passing onlooker.

  1. Fashion sneakers. A classy pair of fashionable street sneakers are great casual shoes to wear with a sport coat while also keeping the prattish overdressed look at bay. Shoot for fashionable, sleek sneaks in a solid or near-solid color – no chunky court shoes or shiny fluorescent kicks with the tag attached, please.
  2. Boat shoes. Boat shoes are as American as apple pie, so they're a prime candidate for the list of laid-back shoes to wear with a sport coat. If you're shooting for the preppy New Englander look, this is the choice for you. Wear them until they die; the best boat shoes are dead boat shoes.
  3. Combat boots. For that industrial steampunk look, combine some clunky tie-up boots with a sharp sports coat. Steampunk combines modern with traditional, military with artistic. Combat boots may also be some of the most comfortable casual shoes to wear with a sport coat.
  4. Sandals. Hey, some people may scoff at a guy that chooses sandals as shoes to wear with a sport coat. However, a pair of classy leather sandals with a breezy pant and a linen sport coat is sexy, looks rich, and is relaxed. They're just jealous that you look like you're fresh off the yacht. 
  5. Converse sneakers. While it's not a good idea to wear completely trashed Cons, it's perfectly acceptable to wear a clean, well-tended pair. Converse sneakers convey the message that you're fun and fashion-conscious while not being too serious. What more can a guy ask from a pair of shoes to wear with a sport coat? 
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