5 Causes For Increased Sexual Desire

Both genders might wonder where the underlying 5 causes of increased sexual desire originate. Hyper-sexuality or an overactive libido may cause distress for couples. Sexual addictions may develop that may leave the inflicted partner unsatisfied, potentially leading towards infidelity if mismanaged. The undereducated masses simply believe that the underlying cause is psychological in nature or uncontrollable perversion when in actuality, the root cause could be glandular dysfunction. It is often a good idea to seek out a qualified medical professional to narrow down any physical abnormalities.

  1. Bipolar disorder Bipolar disorder is a psychological disease characterized by mood swings of intense mania or depression. Persons inflicted with bipolar disorder may find everyday function impossible to cope with alone. Chemical imbalances, hormonal imbalances and genetic deficiencies are just a few of the underlying causes for this mood disorder. Bipolar disorder can induce increased sexual desire during the depressive state.
  2. Hyperadrenalism Hyperadrenalism is caused when the adrenal glands produce excessive adrenal hormones, such as aldosterone, corticosteroids, steroids, androgenic, epinephrine and norepinepherine. Toxic lead levels, adrenocorticotrophic hormone production, prednisolone and adrenal cortex tumors are just a few causes for hyperadrenalism. Hyperadrenalism can also induce increased sexual desire if left untreated.
  3. Functioning pancreatic endocrine tumor Pancreatic create tumors excrete large amounts of hormones, such as insulin, glucagons, gastrin and ACTH. Pancreatic tumors are often closely associated with other serious diseases, such as cancer, gastrointestinal tumors and endocrine tumors. Hypoglycemia, confusion, ataxia, weakness and increase sexual drive are all common symptoms of pancreatic tumors.
  4. Hyperandrogenism Excessive excretion of androgen hormones can be a symptom of more serious conditions, such as glycosylation type 1C congenital disorder, glucocorticoid resistance, spondylodysplasia and premature pubarche. Obesity, infertility, hair loss, deepening of voice, acne, irregular menstrual cycles and increase sexual drive are all common symptoms of hyperandrogenism.
  5. Puberty The sexual and physical development of adolescents can lead to increased sexual drive as the body undergoes maturation process. Depending on the age, environment, dietary and genetic factors, the intensity of the increased sexual drive may vary inconsistently.
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