5 Causes Of Pain After Orgasm

The 5 top causes of pain after orgasm are all medical-related, so you can at least be assured that there will be a way for you to reverse this embarrassing as well as discomforting condition. After all, properly speaking, the time after an orgasm should be spent on more appropriate activities than dealing with pain, activities like sleeping, smoking, bragging to your friends about your latest sexual conquest, snuggling or spooning like an emasculated male.

  1. Prostatitis. Prostatitis is the top cause of pain after orgasm because of how it makes you feel like you are having cramps in your gut. With this problem, after shooting your semen all over your sexual partner, the pain can come on both lower sides of your body, and even be irregular. If you suspect you suffer from prostatitis, you should look for symptoms like constipation, erection problems, burning during shooting your semen, and frequent urination.
  2. Muscular Contraction. Muscular contraction is the second-top cause of pain after orgasm. Think of it, when you are shooting off your ejaculate at the height of your sexual arousal, your body is going to experience a severe amount of muscular contraction in its pelvic floor and lower abdomen near the urethra and prostate. So if you are sore in those areas after climaxing into an orgasm, relax, you're just normal. However, if the pain is too intense for you, tough guy, you should work with a physical therapist to exercise said muscles.
  3. Urethritis. Either caused by a bacteria or a virus, urethritis is not a pretty condition to endure. Besides experiencing crippling pain after reaching an orgasm, you will also experience blood all over your ejaculate once it shoots out, burning as you are peeing, and even swelling in the general area around either your penis or your groin. Treatment for this illness is pretty basic, with antibiotics usually doing the trick for you. However, that is only after you are subjected to a whole battery of tests.
  4. Orchitis. Orchitis is a really miserable disease to catch because it have may come from a sexually transmitted disease. You ought to be particularly wary of this disease, if you have ever engaged in wanton sexual misbehavior like having an excessive amount of partners or have engaged in high-risk sexual behaviors (like anal sex with no condom). If you are diagnosed with this disease, you will have to go on antibiotics, but you can also be prescribed bed rest, anti-inflammatory medications or just some pain medications.
  5. Epididymitis. This is the final top cause of pain after an orgasm, and epididymitis is easily detected by having a warm, tender or swollen scrotum. So if one day you are sitting around, and your hand magically and mysteriously makes its way to your scrotum, and you detect that is it warm and swollen, then you know something is amiss. When you notice this, you should not kid around, instead, you should see a doctor, stat. A range of causes for epididymitis exists: It can be from a sexually transmitted disease, an infection, medication, or even tuberculosis.
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